Apprenticeships in construction are the way forward for young people

The current levels of high unemployment, and difficulties faced by young people in getting into the job market have caused head of construction and contracting firm, Andy Hill, of Hill, to urge more construction companies to provide more apprenticeships. Currently the youth unemployment rates in the UK are at a record high. Of the UK’s 16-22 year olds, 22% are currently out of work.

Mr Hill believes that the provision of apprenticeships is beneficial to all, as once the apprentice is fully trained, he or she becomes a valuable asset to the company. Hills Craft Apprentice Training Scheme (CATS) trains young people in a variety of skills from painting and decorating to ground skills.

Hill is not the only person trying to push for an increase in the provision of apprentice training schemes. In light of the national apprenticeship week, many local authorities, such as Blenau Gwent in Wales, are urging a variety of companies to provide apprenticeships which would see the current employers passing on knowledge and skills to younger generations, helping growth and sustainability in sectors such as construction and property. Training young unskilled people will help to sustain growth in the future.

Across the UK this week, many apprenticeship fairs are taking place, providing gateways for youngsters into the world of construction, finance, DIY and many more sections. This is Gloucestershire expects to see thousands of young people flock to their apprenticeship fair taking place in Kingston, as the number of young people in the area opting to train has increased by 42% in the last year. Barclays bank announced today the creation of 1000 apprenticeships being created for young people who display the right “attitude and aptitude”.

Photo: Flickr/Rubber Dragon

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