Nigella Lawson home to sell for millions

Nigella Lawson home to sell for millionsThe home of Nigella Lawson and her husband Charles Saatchi has been sold after being on the property market for 18 months. Christian Candy, a property developer with an international property portfolio worth £9 billion, purchased the luxury property in Begravia. Lawson and Saatchi dropped its price by £11 million less than the original asking price and eventually sold the apartment for the price of £25 million.

The property originally belonged to Charles Saatchi who purchased the property in 2001 for £3.8 million. The pair moved out of the apartment in 2010 after nine years of residence due to problems with neighbours. Saatchi ordered workmen to remove scaffolding from a neighbour, which caused damages of £50,000. Therefore the sale of this property means a profit of £21 million- not to mention the fact that the power couple are already worth around £128 million.

Lawson is best known for being a ‘domestic goddess’ in kitchen and for selling over three million books. Saatchi has earned his millions through his advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi which he runs with his brother.

Christian Candy also works alongside his brother with their property firm Candy & Candy. The newly developed One Hyde Park in Knightsbridge boasts the most pricey apartment in Britain at an eye-watering £136 million.

The couple now live less than a mile from their former abode in an 18th century converted factory in Chelsea worth £12 million. It is also estimated that £10,000 was spent transporting their well-known expensive art collection from their former apartment to their new home.

Image: flickr/ philip-rosie

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