Safeguarding Your Home Against Intruders

Safetguarding your home against intrudersLiving in a time when anything can happen can send anyone into hiding. While some people prefer to set up camp far away from places that are deemed to be “the most dangerous”, the fact remains that people still have to live there. Also, even if your location is considered relatively safe, it’s a simple truth that crime can happen anywhere. Here are some of the things that can keep the worst from happening.

Always keep your doors locked. In many cases, invaders don’t even have to break into a house to get in; they simply stroll in when they find an unlocked door. Aside from the lock on the door knob, your door should also have a sliding lock as well as a deadbolt to make sure that it’s secure.

Don’t forget about your windows. Robbers will find different ways to get into your property, and this means your windows, too. Check to see if your windows in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and even the attic are always locked.

Install a home alarm system. In case a robber manages to break through your locked door, your home alarm will let you know that someone as gotten past your security system. Again, remember to include your windows when setting up the system.

Get a dog. Aside from being naturally protective of their owners, dogs can be trained to attack anyone that seems to be causing your family harm. At the very least, if your dog sees or hears anyone break into the house during the day or at night, he can cause a racket and alert you.

Put your lights and appliances on timers. Creating the illusion that someone is home when there isn’t might give a thief second thoughts about entering a home. You should also remember to leave your outside lights on so that it would be easier for neighbors to spot an intruder and call the cops.  

Create a safe room where you and your family can hole up in case of a home invasion. Equip the door with deadbolts, and stock the room with emergency essentials, such as a first-aid kit, flashlights and batteries and some sort of weapon. Make sure that the door is strong enough to hold off robbers while you call for help.

Always have a list of emergency contacts at the ready. Put the numbers of close friends and trusted nearby neighbors on speed dial. Also, teach your children to call the police only during emergencies, and instruct them on what to tell the operator in case they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Crime is one of those things that will never go away, but that doesn’t mean that we should resign ourselves to the idea that preparing will do no good. Remember that while home invaders can be persistent, they also have their limits, a fact that we should take advantage of in any way that we can.

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Jillian Cariola works with, a Philippine real estate portal that aims to help people find available local properties in the most specific and user-friendly way possible.

Photo by: timsamoff / Flickr

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